Powder Coating

Much more durable than traditional paint, powder coating makes your structures more resistant and safer.

Our cutting-edge paint line makes us extremely competitive.

An electrostatic paint line is an automated system used to apply paint to metal surfaces evenly and efficiently. Powder coating, or electrostatic painting, doesn’t require solvents to adhere to a steel surface. The powder coating process involves using a spray gun to impart an electrostatic charge to the powder particles, which are then attracted to the metal workpiece. It then cures at 120 °C to 240 °C for a set time, resulting in a smooth, long-lasting surface.

Here are the basic operational steps:

Surface prep
We prep the workpiece being painted by removing contaminants, cleaning and drying the metal surface.

Electrostatic charging
The paint is electrostatically charged as it’s sprayed onto the workpiece, which means the paint is negatively charged while the workpiece is grounded, creating an electrostatic charge between the two.

Paint spraying
An electrostatic spray gun sprays the paint onto the workpiece. When the paint is electrostatically charged, it’s drawn to the workpiece, ensuring even paint application over the entire surface.

Once the paint has been applied, the workpiece goes into the oven to cure, allowing the paint to dry and harden. This step is essential to guarantee long-lasting paint that adheres well to the metal surface.


  • Maximum height: 65″ or 70″
  • Maximum width: 36″
  • Maximum length: 136″
  • Primer coat optional

Our only limits are the ones you set

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Our infrastructure allows us to rapidly transform steel tubes to produce large-scale projects on schedule. Our teams of skilled workers ensure optimal production at all times.

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