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2 March 2021

The benefits of industrial subcontracting

While many manufacturing needs can be managed in-house, there are considerable benefits to subcontracting certain processes. They often go beyond reducing direct costs.
7 December 2020

What needs can QTG steel tubing meet?

Steel tubing plays a vital role in many structural applications. As key players in the steel industry, our plant workers contribute daily to…
29 October 2020

Steel tube fabrication is what we do!

Steel tube fabrication is the foundation of many industrial and commercial projects. Saw cutting, laser cutting, CNC bending, welding, assembly and powder coating are just some of the steel fabrication processes that go into making projects more efficient and reliable.
8 July 2020

Quali-T-Groupe gets a makeover!

The leading manufacturer of structural and mechanical steel tubes now goes by QTG. The name change comes with a new brand image, reflecting the company’s new vocation.